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It can be a lonely, all-consuming journey through a divorce and with no guidebook to help navigate unfamiliar issues, the stress and fear is only compounded by the need to make important, life-changing decisions with far reaching implications.

Good Day
I pray that you and your family are safe and well during this uncertain and scary time.

I am an internationally accredited Mediator as well as a public speaking and communications skills consultant.

During this current time of unrest , fear and uncertainty,  it has become all the more apparent that Conflict Resolution Skills are sorely needed. 

The way we communicate with each other could be the saving grace or last straw in any given situation. 

My experience in conflict management, mediation, as well as communication consulting, enables me to promote much needed guidance to children, young adults as well as to adults in the working environment.

I am a compassionate individual, grounded in the world of Mediation. I fervently hope to lend a gentler hand to a process that is often very traumatic for all involved.

I believe my approach will effectively bring individuals to an amicable understanding when choosing the path forward. 

If possible, when we are a little more settled after the protests, please allow me some time to present to you the process and benefits such a program can be to the  children and young adults in your lives

Allow me to help guide them towards a world that promotes peace through the way they interact and communicate with each other.

I believe that an initiative such as this,  helps with skills that will used into adulthood thus ensuring peace loving human beings.

My specialties include school based mediation and conflict resolution management skills.

I look forward to hearing from you and may the Almighty have His hand on us all during this time.

Be safe
Warm regards

Veruschka Naidoo

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