Family Law /Divorce Mediation

Family Law Mediation is a process that involves the two parties to a divorce and a qualified, trained mediator. It is voluntary, and the whole premise is that it’s non-adversarial. That means you and your spouse aren’t pitted against each other in a battle; you’re working together through another person to reach fair and equitable agreements that are best for your whole family in the long run


Mediation is an alternative way of resolving disputes between couples or parents when their relationship has broken down. The mediator may help you reach your own agreement about issues such as children, maintenance and property.

 “There are things I can’t force. I must adjust. There are times when the greatest change needed is a change of my viewpoint.”

 – Denis Diderot


Why Choose Mediation

Shared Costs

You and your ex-spouse share the costs of your divorce.


Instead of wasting your money fighting in court, divorce mediation allows you to find a settlement that is fair for everyone.


You and your ex are in control of the process. If you are ready to come to an agreement your divorce will be quick and affordable


With your divorce mediator’s plan and guidance, you can quickly come to a settlement between you and your ex-spouse.


You pay 1 divorce mediator instead of 2 divorce attorneys.

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